I am interested in a painting, but how can I get more information?

I am an emerging artist. This website is presently a work in progress. I am working out further descriptors for each item. If you are interested in a painting on this website, including its price, please feel free to contact me and I would be very happy to discuss details.


I purchased a painting but it doesn't look the same/doesn't match my decor as I thought it would. Why is that?

Every effort is made to photograph each painting under well-lit conditions and any adjustments made to that image are made to bring it in line with how I see it with my eyes. But eyes differ, lighting differs, and computer screens differ. Indeed, colours in a painting are perceived differently depending on the colour of the wall upon which it hangs. It is therefore very likely that appearances will change with the trip from my studio to your wall. I therefore hope to remove some of the hesitancy in buying art online by offering full refunds of returned, undamaged works (see below).


Once a purchase is made, are returns possible?

I hope to make art-buying less than terrifying. Returns are possible. Notification of the desire to return a purchase is required within 30 days of receiving it. Should the painting return to me without damage, a full refund will be issued.


Can I view the art in person?

The present pandemic has dramatically reduced opportunities for public shows and sales of artworks. Please contact me to inquire about possible private viewings. Some of my artwork is always on display at The Guelph Artisans Store in downtown Guelph, Ontario.